Dynamo Open Air 1990

This was my first visit to a metal festival: Dynamo Open Air (D.O.A.). It was held on june 4th, 1990. Back then it was one of the greatest festivals in the Netherlands. In the early years it was just one day. The entrance fee was only fl.2,- (two Dutch guilders, that’s less than €1,-!). It was a nice day, some sun and a bit of rain, at the sportpark of the Gestelse Boys in Eindhoven. Usually D.O.A. was held at the Kunstijsbaan (artificial skating rink) Eindhoven, but  it was closed down due to maintenance.

Six bands were performing that day:

I went by train, so I didn’t see the end of the show of Death Angel, but I was standing front row and banging my head like everyone else in the crowd. I had a great time and I’ve never missed a D.O.A. festival since that day. Unfortunately there is no Dynamo Open Air anymore :-(.

Of course I had to buy a shirt of the festival. It is a sleeveless shirt, shirts with sleeves were sold out.

    Front:     Back:
Dynamo Open Air 1990 - front Dynamo Open Air 1990 - Back



2 thoughts on “Dynamo Open Air 1990

  1. Singer Scott Holderby (Mordred) was the crazzzy guy in BLUE. I shoot some nice pics. The ROCK HARD Magazine (Germany) printed one. See you in HELL 🙂 Piotr Klos

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