Kreator – Torture over Europe 1990 (1)

One of the best shows and one of the worst performances in one gig… It had to be a great package: Death and Kreator! The show was held in the Noorderligt (Tilburg, Netherlands) at november 18, 1990. Noorderligt was a venue which was originally a movietheater. The venue was closed down in 1998.

When we enter the venue and went to the merchandise we saw a note about Chuck Schuldiner who had left the tour…The note stated that Chuck wants to play rock’n’roll and therefore has left the tour. Damn! One of the roadies(?) took over the mic, I hardly could recognize a song. Worst performance ever! Everybody was shouting ‘Fuck Chuck!’. I guess everybody was a bit disappointed. Actually Terry Butler (bass) and Bill Andrews (drums) had a conflict with Chuck Schuldiner. More information on

When Kreator started with ‘When the sun burns red’, the crowd went crazy. All the negative energy from the past hour came out!. One big moshpit and stagedivers all over the place (If there is a world record for a concert with the most stagedivers this show was a good candidate!). We had to catch the last train, so we missed a part of the encore.

Bought two shirts, first one in this post. It shows the Needles design. The tour was called ‘Torture over Europe’ and it was for the album ‘Coma of Souls’ which was released a couple of days before the show. For me it was the first show of Kreator. (And many followed after this one). Can remember a couple of songs: ‘When the sun burns red’, ‘Coma of Souls’, ‘Betrayer’, ‘Tormentor’.

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Kreator - Torture ober Europe Tour 1990 Kreator - Torture ober Europe Tour 1990 - back



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