Dynamo Open Air 1991

I was in the middle of my exam period when Dynamo Open Air 1991 was held. Then next day I had my exam Physics. So it was a little hard to convince my parents I had to go. Luckily the exam was held in the afternoon and at that point my average grade so far was good. I got permission to go…

This time the festival was held at the Kunstijsbaan Eindhoven on May 20, 1991. The entrance fee was a little bit more then DOA 1990, but still a nice price: just fl. 5,- (about €2.26) for 9 great bands! The price has gone up quickly in the following years…

Again I went by train, so I missed the end of the festival. At that time there was no campsite, so I had to leave earlier at the evening (and remember, the next day I had an exam). The campsite feature was introduced in 1993.

The following bands were on stage:

It was a good mix of different styles. Best bands (according to me) were, in no particular order, Morbid Angel, Obituary and Metal Church.

There were two festival shirts. Both of them were white. This is the one I bought. Oh boy, the colors of this one really hurts your eyes.

    Front:     Back:
 Dynamo Open Air 1991 - Front  Dynamo Open Air 1991 - Back



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