Kreator – Phantom Antichrist Festival tour 2012

This year it was for me the first time I went to the Zwarte Cross (‘Black MotoCross‘) festival (Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands). It is a three day festival with a mixture of motorsports, theater and different styles of music. The interesting part for me was the ‘Metalweide‘ (‘Metalmeadow‘). I went with some friends just to see Kreator on saturday. It wasn’t possible for me to go on friday and sunday. Those days had interesting bands also:

Day 1
July 20, 2012
Day 2
July 21, 2012
Day 3
July 22, 2012
Suicidal Angels
Municipal Waste
Dog Eat Dog
Lizzy Borden
Sonata Arctica
My Propane
Suicidal Tendencies

We were a bit early so we had the chance to see a part of the show of Doro also. Good old Heavy Metal! Doro showed a lot of energy and the crowd enjoys it a lot. Bas Maas (guitar) had a broken arm, so an extra guitarplayer was on stage. The plaster didn’t stop Bas from going crazy ;-).

We were not interested in Sonata Arctica, so we take a walk around the festival. It was a huge area, with a lot of people. All kinds of people, (very) young, old, alternative, main stream, reggae, whatever. No problems at all. Everyone seems to be in a great mood. +1 for this festival!

Then it is time! The Kreator has returned! A festival tour for Kreator for the just released album ‘Phantom Antichrist‘. They had a nice setup on stage, alien look alikes as seen on the album cover. As seen on the last tour two stairs besides Ventors drumkit, so Mille, Christian  and Sami can walk around. They played two songs from the new album “From Flood into Fire” and the titlesong. Other songs are not a surprise. Can’t recall them all, but “Terrible Certainty”, “Hordes of Chaos”, “Phobia”, “Endless Pain” and off course Kreator ends with “Flag of Hate/Tormentor”.

I was standing front row, behind me there was a great moshpit. Can’t wait for the tour in November with Nile and Morbid Angel. Isn’t that a great package?

The shirt shows the album cover on front and tourdata of the festivalseason 2012 for Kreator. I did not buy a festival shirt. I couldn’t choose between the dozens(!) of shirts for the Zwarte Cross festival…

    Front:     Back:
 Kreator - Phantom Antichrist (Front)  Kreator - Phantom Antichrist (Back)



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