Annihilator – Never Neverland World Tour 1990-1991

On March 15th, 1991 I went to the Rijnhal (Arnhem) to see Annihilator. They were a supportact for the metalgods Judas Priest on their Painkiller tour. The evening was opened by Pantera, until then unknown to me. It was their ‘Cowboys from Hell’ tour. Well I liked it! They only played four or five songs. To bad…

Then the Canadians started there set. They also don’t have much time. What an energy Jeff Waters have! A couple of songs I remember: ‘Road to Ruin’, ‘Never Neverland’, ‘Stonewall’. After this show there was a desert: Judas Priest. Of course Rob Halford enters the stage on a motorcycle. It was a true Metal show, with fireworks and a great lightshow.

Following shirt was bought by me:

    Front:     Back:
 Annihilator 1991 - Front  Annihilator 1991 - Back



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