Morbid Angel – European Domination tour 1996

Wâldrock was a festival in the north of the Netherlands between two small villages Burgum and Hurdegaryp. In 1996 it was my first time to visit this festival. It is a tradition a local Frisian band opens the festival. A nice set of bands. I didn’t like every band, but it gives me the opportunity to get something to eat ;-)).  So during Madball, Downset en LoA we went to get some beers and look around on the festivalterrain.

  • Hideous Sun Demons
  • Morbid Angel
  • Gorefest
  • Madball
  • Downset
  • Life of Agony
  • Type O Negative
  • Fear Factory
  • ministry
  • Slayer (only audio :neutral:)

We stayed at the small campsite (I guess the farmer owning the land had exiled the sheeps the day before, sheep shit everywere :shock:.)

Domination on its way, a nice shirt of Morbid Angel:

    Front:     Back:
 Morbid Angel 1996 - Front  Morbid Angel 1996 - Back



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