Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier World Tour 2010-2011

Great, Iron Maiden around the corner at the Gelredome, Arnhem. The fun started outside with ‘Blaas of Glory‘, a heavy metal marching band.

Inside the stadium Rise to Remain, the band of the son of Bruce Dickinson, plays a nice set, but it wasn’t blowing us away. We came for Iron Maiden.

The show was (as always with Iron Maiden) great, but didn’t brought us any surpises. But that doesn’t matter, because it is Iron Maiden… The setlist contains new and old stuff:

Final Frontier, El Dorado, 2 Minutes To Midnight, Coming Home, The Talisman, When Then Wild Wind Blows, Dance Of Death, Blood Brothers, The Trooper, Fear Of The Dark, Iron Maiden, The Number Of The Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Running Free.

Shirts could be bought outside the stadium, and there was an overwhelming choice of them. My pick:

    Front:     Back:
 Iron Maiden - Final Frontier 2011 - front  Iron Maiden - Final Frontier 2011 - back



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