Paradise Lost – Summer Festivals 1995

It was the 10th anniversary of Dynamo Open Air. This time it was held at Vliegbasis Welschap, Eindhoven (Airport Eindhoven) in The Netherlands on June 2-4, 1995.

A lot of great bands: 35007, Absconded, Biohazard, Blitz Babies, Brotherhood Foundation, Crash Worship, Dog Eat Dog, Downset, Dub War, Earth Crisis, Eleven Pictures, Fear Factory, Grip Inc., Hate Squad, Horace Pinker, Life of Agony, Machine Head, Madball, Mary Beats Jane, Mental Hippie Blood, Motorpsycho, My Dying Bride, Nailbomb, Nevermore, No Fun At All, NRA, Orange 9mm, Overdose, Paradise Lost, Rape, Rich Kids on LSD, Schweisser, Shihad, Skyclad, Snapcase, Strawman, Sun, Tiamat, Trouble, Type O Negative,Undeclinable Ambuscade, Warrior Soul, Waving Corn.

At the second day Paradise Lost had a great performance during the rain. In about an hour they let us enjoy their greatest hits of the las few albums.

Nice shirt with the design of the Draconian Times album:

    Front:     Back:
 Paradise Lost - Summer Festivals 1995 - front  Paradise Lost - Summer Festivals 1995 - back



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