Death Angel – 2002

After one year of absence due to Foot-and-mouth disease the organization of Dynamo Open Air found a location in the neighborhood of Eindhoven: Weert. Dynamo Open Air shared the location of the Bospop festival, held on Friday and Saturday 12 and 13 July. On Sunday the field was available for DOA.

I visited the festival with Autumn, the opening band for the festival. After clearing the stage there was time to see the other bands:

Biohazard, Children of Bodom, Dead Soul Tribe, Death Angel, Dropkick Murphys, Finntroll, Hermano, Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Peter Pan Speedrock, Soulfly, Strapping Young Lad, Within Temptation, Zimmers Hole

I watched Death Angel from the side of the stage. The band played the evening before on the DOA-preparty and you could see they had a lot of fun playing again on DOA. After a break of over 10 years they were invided to do a small tour. Well they didn’t forget how to thrash!

Songs on the setlist: Mistress of Pain, Thrashers, Stop and Kill as One.

Nice, plain shirt with only the logo and the (small) tour on the back.


Death Angel 2002 - Front

Death Angel 2002 – Front


Death Angel 2002 - Back

Death Angel 2002 – Back



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