Stonehenge 1999

A small festival in Steenwijk on july 31st 1999 organized by ‘de Buze’.  It was Anathema who caught my attention to go to this small festival. But I enjoyed  Asphyx and Altar also. It was the 5th edition of the festival. On youtube you can find a video for the last two bands of the day Altar and Anathema.

Bands performing that day:

Of course there was a festival shirt available. On the frontside the devil and an exhausted girl:

“5 times! Who would ever expect that!!”

On the back the name of the bands and a quote from ‘The Encyclopedia Of Witchcraft & Demonology’:

“some deny this opinion, holding it impossible that devils could practice effectual intercourse with humans.
But the opposite opinion is very certain and ‘must be accepted.”


Stonehenge 1999 - Front

Stonehenge 1999 – Front


Stonehenge 1999 - Back

Stonehenge 1999 – Back



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