Kreator – Renewal Tour 1992

Wednesday November 25th 1992 I went to Amsterdam to see Kreator. They played at the famous Paradiso (a former church). Support act was Biohazard. At that time I didn’t know them. But it was quite impressive. I’m not into hardcore but it sounded good.

The ‘Renewal’  album of Kreator was quite different from previous albums. Probably caused by a different production. Not their best album, but it has some nice parts (Europe after the Rain, Reflection, Winter Martyrium).

We couldn’t stay until the end (although Amsterdam is quite famous and it’s the capital, at that time you couldn’t travel away by train after midnight), I guess we only missed the encore.

Songs played (not in this particularly order):

  • Winter Martyrium
  • Reflection
  • Renewal
  • Betrayer
  • Awakening of the Gods
  • Karmic Wheel
  • Riot of Violence
  • Extreme Aggression

Shirt shows the ‘Renewal’  album design on the front, the back show the Kreator logo accompanied by two green praying mantises.


Kreator – Renewal


Kreator – Renewal



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