Kreator – Phantom Antichrist Europe 2012

Sunday evening November 4th 2012 I went to the Effenaar in Eindhoven.  Kreator visited the Netherlands again. This time with the following support acts: Nile, Morbid Angel and Fueled by Fire.

It is almost a tradition to miss the first band. But luckily we were on time for Nile, some technical and complex Death metal with Egyptian influences. Then it is time for one of the legends in Death metal: Morbid Angel. Dark and evil! After we had our portion of Death metal it was time for some real german Thrash metal! Kreator started with some video footage which shows some band history. And then with a bang it all starts.

  • Mars Mantra
  • Phantom Antichrist
  • From Flood into Fire
  • Enemy of God
  • Phobia
  • Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
  • Civilization Collapse
  • Voices of the Dead
  • Extreme Aggression
  • People of the Lie
  • Death to the World
  • Coma of Souls
  • Endless Pain
  • Pleasure to Kill
  • The Patriarch
  • Violent Revolution
  • United in Hate
  • Betrayer
  • Flag of Hate
  • Tormentor

They sold some exclusive venue shirts (white). Front design shows the Phantom Antichrist album design in black. On the back:

I survived the Moshpit at:
Eindhoven (NL)


Kreator – Phantom Antichrist


Kreator – Phantom Antichrist (back)



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