Kreator – Gods of Violence CD Release Party

Well, I’m a lucky guy. I got an invitation for the CD-release show of the new Kreator album ‘Gods of Violence’. The show was held at a small venue ‘Musik und Frieden’ in Berlin on Thursday january 26 2017. Together with about 200 other fans we got the opportunity to listen to some new songs.

There was a very small stage, which made feel the show quit intimate. At 21h Mille & co started the show. In the meantime the show was also broadcasted live. Speesy had some problems with the tape recorder, which seems to irritate Mille, but someone of the crew got it fixed after a couple of songs.

A major difference with the normal shows, no encore. So no Flag of Hate/Tormentor combo at the end of the show, and it was quit a short show. Almost one hour.

  • (intro 1) Choir of the Damned
  • Hordes of Chaos
  • (intro 2) Bells
  • Satan is Real (new)
  • Gods of Violence (new)
  • People of the Lie
  • Total Death (Wow, that’s an old one, and I’ve never heard it live! I wish there are some more old songs during the next tour)
  • (intro 3) Mars Mantra
  • Phantom Antichrist
  • Fallen Brother (new)
  • (intro 4) Army of Storms
  • Enemy of God
  • From Flood into Fire
  • (intro 5) Apocalypticon (new)
  • World War Now (new)
  • Hail to the Hordes
  • (outro) Until Our Paths Cross Again

There was a little bit merchandise available. One tourshirt, a girlie, a ziphoodie and ofcourse the new album. Unfortunally no special shirts for this evening.

I bought the tourshirt, on the back the upcoming dates for the 2017 European tour, saves me buying one at the regular show 😉
Front shows the regular album design.


Kreator – Gods of Violence (Front)


Kreator – Gods of Violence (Back)



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