Kreator – Gods of Violence World Tour

One week after the CD-release show, again a Kreator Show! A thursday evening in 013, Tilburg on february 2nd. This time with the following support acts:

Because it was a normal working day for me, I couldn’t be in time for all bands. I missed Aborted and Soilwork. I enjoyed Sepultura, especially the older songs (from before Roots).

After about half na hour Kreator entered the stage. The setlist was almost the same as last week, but with some nice extensions. The stage was great, there were 8 vertical LED screens, on which during some songs videoclips were shown (like during Gods of Violence, Satan is Real and Fallen Brother). Other visual effects were a couple of confetti-machines and pyrotechnics during a couple of songs.

The setlist for this evening:

  • (intro 1) Choir of the Damned
  • Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
  • Phobia
  • (intro 2) Bells
  • Satan is Real
  • Gods of Violence
  • People of the Lie
  • Total Death
  • (intro 3) Mars Mantra
  • Phantom Antichrist
  • Fallen Brother
  • (intro 4) Army of Storms
  • Enemy of God
  • From Flood into Fire
  • (intro 5) Apocalypticon
  • World War Now
  • Hail to the Hordes
  • Extreme Aggression
  • Civilization Collapse


  • (intro 6) The Patriarch
  • Violent Revolution
  • Flag of Hate
  • Under the Guillotine
  • Pleasure to Kill
  • (outro) Until Our Paths Cross Again

There was a lot more merchandise then the previous show. Bought two shirts.

I bought the tourshirt, on the back the dates for the 2017 European tour, on the front the album design for North America. The other shirt will be shown in a next post.


Kreator – Gods of Violence – Front (US)


Kreator – Gods of Violence – Back



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