An Evening with Anathema (2016)

A couple of shows for ‘testing out some new songs before diving into the studio’ (according to Danny Cavanagh).

We went to the Effenaar in Eindhoven on November 11th 2016. When we arrived, there was a large line of people waiting to enter the Effenaar. Could not believe it was for Anathema. But it was. Completely sold out. Worst part, waiting for over half an hour in the freezing cold outside. Luckily we got in on time. They started later, so everyone had the chance to get in before the show starts.

Anathema started directly with a new song, and during the set we were suprised by more new songs. Every new songs was illustrated by Danny with a short story. Danny suffers from some arm injury, which seems to annoy him, after a couple of songs, he stopped playing the guitar and started on the piano for Electricity. Aftwerwards the arm was taken care of, and everything seems ok. Back on guitar!

The two hour setlist consist of the following songs:

  • Got You To (new)
  • Untouchable, Part 1
  • Untouchable, Part 2
  • Thin Air
  • A Simple Mistake
  • Electricity (on piano by Danny)
  • John Martyn (new)
  • Ghosts (new)
  • Springfield (new)
  • The Beginning and the End
  • Universal
  • Closer
  • Firelight (from tape)
  • Distant Satellites
  • Bricks (new)
  • The Optimist (new)
  • A Natural Disaster
  • Deep
  • Pitiless
  • Forgotten Hopes
  • Destiny Is Dead

Another end to a nice Anathema show. Can’t wait to get the new album, which will be released around May 2017.

Got home with a hooded sweater (It kept me warm walking back to the car) and a shirt. The shirt has a nice design on the front with some geomatrical design, on the back the dates for this small tour.


Anathema – An Evening with Anathema – Front


Anathema – An Evening With Anathema – Back



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