Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2016

Last festival of the year is traditionally the Eindhoven Metal Meeting. Tickets went really fast. The Friday night was for me, due to work, not possible. So I only went on Saturday December 17th to the Effenaar in Eindhoven.

The concept is simple, two stages (one small, one large) and a lot of bands.

  • Seth
  • Bölzer
  • Aura Noir, ‘ugliest band ever’ according to them selves….
  • Caronte
  • Hell
  • Pro-Pain (during last song, i count at least 10 guitar players on stage…)
  • General Surgery (blood, blood, everywhere)
  • Moonspell (nice set with a lot of Irrelegious stuff and assisted by Tristania singer Mariangela Demurtas during Raven Claws.
  • Tiamat, Great band, seems a little bit strange between the other bands. Offcourse the good old ‘the Sleeping beauty‘, Johan Edlund didn’t sing on this one, but a roadie and Fernando Ribeiro from Moonspell on vocals.

Shirt with a list af all bands on the back (for both days and the pre-party), front shows the festival design of 2016.


EMM – 2016 – front


EMM – 2016 – Back



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