FortaRock 2016

I won tickets for both days of FortaRock 2016. Since the 5th edition this event is held on the Goffertpark Nijmegen.
This is the first time for FortaRock as a two-day event. Saturday June 4th I went to see the last two acts (Due to a sportsevent of my son, I couldn’t go earlier. Family got a higher priority ;-)):
  • Legion of the Damned, celebrating their 10th anniversary
  • Within Temptation, celebrating their 20 years anniversary, still great. Some parts where from tape (duet with Keith Caputo and Tarja). Caroline Westendorp (The Charm the Fury) did the grunts for ‘Silver Moonlight’, a nice surprise!
 On Sunday I saw the following acts:
  • Suicidal Tendicies (With Dave Lobardo on drums)
  • Swallow the Sun. Oh, I wish they did actually swallow the sun. It was bloody hot… Feels a bit strange to see them out in the sunny open. They should have played in the tentstage when it was dark.
  • Dark Funeral
  • Amon Amarth
  • Abbath
  • Megadeth
  • BABYMETAL, love them or hate them. Wow, they blew me away. Despite the typical j-pop voices, the men behind the 3 girls really know their stuff. Damn good. I can understand some people don’t like the vocals.
  • Obituary, I’ve missed the first part, hope to see them on their upcoming European tour. But what I saw was great. They will never neglect their audience
  • King Diamond
  • Eluivite
  • Disturbed
  • Volbeat, ehm, well only the first two songs. Then I went, not my cup of *metal*rock
 There were a couple of festival shirts. One with only the double eagle logo of Nijmegen, and two different shirts with all bands performing. I choose the more safe for work one.
FortaRock logo on the front (With flames and gear) and all bands on the back.


FortaRock – 2016 – front


FortaRock – 2016 – back



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