FortaRock 2015

This year a smaller setting and no big names on the list for FortaRock. They even decided to lower the price and give a refund to people who already bought a ticket!

The bill was a nice mixture of old and new stuff and covers a wide range of styles. Black, death, speed, thrash, metalcore on three different stages.

  • Carach Angren
  • Enforcer
  • Sylosis
  • Leprous
  • Flotsam & Jetsam, a good old thrash metal!
  • Dying Fetus, there was a little controverse the weeks before FortaRock due to their bandname. Some people find it offensive.
  • Converge,
  • Red Fang,
  • Clutch,
  • Exodus,
  • Godsmack,
  • Papa Roach, nice scheduled, so I could grab something to eat.
  • Hatebreed,
  • Parkway Drive (2nd time on FortaRock)
  • Venom,
  • Epica,
  • Lamb of God,
  • Slipknot.

A simple festival shirt was bought, two color design (red/white). Logo on the front and on the back a traditional festival layout with all the bands.


FortaRock – 2015 – front


FortaRock – 2015 – back



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