Kreator – Enemy of Europe Tour 2005

Together with Hatesphere, Ektomorf and Dark Tranquility, the thrash legends of Kreator returned to the 013 at Tilburg (Netherlands) on Friday February 18th 2005 for their ‘Enemy of Europe Tour 2005’. Songs from all albums, except Endorama, were played.

The setlist for this evening:

  • (Intro) Choir of the Damned
  • Enemy of God
  • Impossible Brutality
  • Pleasure to Kill
  • Phobia
  • World Anarchy
  • (Intro) The Patriarch
  • Violent Revolution
  • Terrible Certainty
  • Extreme Aggression
  • Betrayer
  • People of the Lie
  • Renewal
  • Reconquering the Throne
  • Suicide Terrorist
  • Voices of the Dead
  • Riot of Violence
  • All of the Same Blood
  • Terrorzone
  • Ripping Corpse


  • Love Us or Hate Us
  • Flag of Hate/Tormentor

Bought a couple of stuff at the merch booth. One of them a shirt with the tourdata on the back and the Enemy of God design on the front.


Kreator – Enemy of Europe Tour 2005


Kreator – Enemy of Europe Tour 2005



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