Nailbomb – Dynamo Open Air 1995

At the Dynamo Open Air Festival of 1995, one of the bands was Nailbomb. A project of Max Cavalera, and one of the only live shows of Nailbomb. Dynamo Open Air was held at the Airbase Welschap, Eindhoven, and was a three day event. Nailbomb performed on Saturday June 3rd.

During the show a couple of guest players joined the band on stage. The show was recorded and available on CD: ‘Proud to commit commercial suicide’.

Setlist of the show:

  • Wasting Away
  • Guerrillas
  • Cockroaches
  • Vai Toma No Cú
  • Sum of Your Achievements
  • Religious Cancer
  • Police Truck
  • Exploitation
  • World of Shit
  • Blind and Lost
  • Sick Life

The shirt I bought had the CD cover on the front, and on the back: Day of Hate, June 3, 1995 Proud to commit commercial suicide.


Nailbomb – Point Blank


Nailbomb – Point Blank



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