Memoriam @ Roadburn 2017

Saturday April 22, 2017 was the only evening I went to the Roadburn Festival. Held at different locations around 013 in Tilburg.

One of the acts I wanted to see was Memoriam. The new band of former Bolt Thrower singer Karl Willets, completed by drummer Andy Whale (Bolt Thrower), bassplayer Frank Healy (Benediction) and Scott Fairfax (Cerebral Fix) on guitar. Memoriam, seems to be a reincarnation of Bolt Thrower. Great brutal Death metal. For about an hour we got songs from their debut album. On the backdrop footage of the trenches of the Great War and the battle fields of World War II.

Karl seems to enjoy the audience and you could tell this is the right spot for him! Great show and hopefully there will follow a lot more shows and albums. I now feel a bit stupid, I missed them at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting last year….

Couple of songs on the setlist: Memoriam, Corrupted System, Surrounded (By Death), Spearhead (Bolt Thrower cover).

Outside the venue, you could buy the merchandise in a large tent. There was quite a lot to choose from. But there was only one shirt for Memoriam, with ‘The Hellfire Demos II’ design. on the front and no backprint





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