My Dying Bride – Turn Loose the Swans @ Roadburn 2017 (1)

When Roadburn announced My Dying Bride, I immediately bought tickets for this evening. Great to see kind of a trend in the Saturday evening (two years ago Anathema, last year Paradise Lost) with a special set. Almost all songs of ‘Turn Loose The Swans’ were played at this special set. Aaron had to apologize, they won’t play ‘Black God’, because they couldn’t find a good female voice for this one.

  • Sear Me MCMXCIII
  • Your River (‘from our second album’, a good sense of humor!)
  • The Songless Bird
  • The Snow in My Hand
  • The Crown of Sympathy
  • Turn Loose the Swans
  • Sear Me
  • Your Shameful Heaven (Aaron started a bit too eary on this one ;-))
  • The Cry of Mankind

Before the final song ‘The Cry of Mankind’ Aaron announced they were working hard on a new album!

Unfortunately there were no special shirts for this special set, two shirts got home with me. First one with a design of the lates album on the front and a special design of this one on the back (this shirt was available as a promo with the ‘Feel the Misery’ digipack).


My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery


My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery



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