Anathema – The Optimist Tour

Anathema just release their new album ‘The Optimist’. In my opinion not as good as ‘Distent Satelites’. I had to listen multiple times before starting to like parts of the album. It’s not bad, but I miss something.

Before the relase I already bought tickets for their show in Doornroosje in Nijmegen. So I’ll gave it a try. It was actually great! I really enjoyed the show and it seem the brothers Cavanagh and compay had a great time on stage. They had a lot of fun  and the set was good! Compliments for Lee, who is still growing as a performer. Danny still seems to suffer from an arm injury, he already had last tme I saw them. Hopefully it is temporary.

Setlist for this evening:

  • Untouchable (Part 1)
  • Untouchable (Part 2)
  • Leaving It Behind
  • Endless Ways
  • The Optimist
  • Thin Air
  • Lightning Song
  • Can’t Let Go
  • Dreaming Light
  • The Storm Before the Calm
  • The Beginning and the End
  • Universal (with an introduction in Dutch by Jamie)
  • Closer


  • Springfield
  • A Natural Disaster
  • Distant Satellites
  • Comfortably Numb (great cover, which is actually the oldest song on the list ;-))

No old stuff, all songs are from the last 15 years (with the oldest from ‘A Natural Disaster’. I hoped for some songs of Alternative 4 or Judgement, but I’ll guess they are a bit tired of playing those songs.

There was not much merchandise. Bought one shirt, a bit fashionable… On the back a quote from ‘the Optimist’:

We ride on heart’s design
I won’t let go of you and I


Antahema – the optimist


Antahema – the optimist



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