Dynamo Metal Fest 2017

It’s the third edition already for the Dynamo Metalfest! Held on July 15th 207 in Eindhoven at the IJsbaan (Skating rink). A bit more people then last year, 10.000 metalheads went to see the following great bands:

White Boy Wasted, VUUR, Toxik, Prong, Entombed A.D., Exodus, Devin Townsend Project, Testament and Gojira.

First band White Boy Wasted was missed, there was a big line of people outside. Took me almost an hour to get in. Just in time for VUUR the new band of Anneke van Giersbergen. It was the festival debut for the band, and it was a good one. Be sure to check their album out when it is release (somewhere in october 2017).

Then it is time for some golden oldies. They did visit Eindhoven in 1988 on the exact same place. And they weren’t the only ones today who visited Eindhoven on the legendary Dynamo Open Air. They played a nice set with some classic songs and a couple of new ones.

Prong couldn’t keep my attention, nice set though. The Death’n roll of Entombed A.D. was great, luckily they played a couple of old songs.

Exodus nailed it! A really great set. one hour of pure oldschool thrashmetal full of energy. The crowdsurfers kept going on and on, and of course a chaotic wall of death was also part of the deal.

Then it was time for the multitalent Devin Townsend, excellent songs, and a couple of jokes between them. Anneke joined the stage for the second time today. And did again a good job.

The band everyone was waiting for, announced on the DMF edition last year: Testament. Well the wait wasn’t over yet. It took them more than half an hour extra before the thrashing started. Because of the time schedule, the set was shortened. But they did try to make it up, and played a welldone, but short, set. I thought with Exodus there were a lot of crowdsurfers. Wrong. Double the amount in half of the time.

At first it felt a bit strange to see Gojira as the headliner, I would have expected Testament as the headliner. But the frenchmen had the honour to close the third edition. Well they didn’t disapoint me. It was the appopriate headliner.

It is a tradition to announce the first band for the next edition during the festival: the first band on the bill for DMF 2018 will be Annihilator! Again a great band with a history.

After all it was a good third edition, the weather was nice (technically it did rain, but it were just a few drops, nothing to bother about). I’ll think 10000 is the max for this location, in order to keep it nice. A special thanks to all the volunteers, who made this day a great one (again!).

There were a couple of shirts, bought the coloured festival shirt with the logo on front and the list of bands on the back. The same one was also available with a green shirt and with ablack-and-white print.


DMF 2017 – Front


DMF 2017 – Back



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